Treat Your Health Like an Investment

I’ve been looking more into investing as I get further into adulthood.  It’s just one of those things that doesn’t interest young people, but as soon as you cross an age threshold, it starts to be of huge interest and concern in some cases.  Will I be able to retire? Will I be able to put my (non-existent) children through college? It all comes to a head a little later in life

Kind of like your health.

For those younger than 25, your health is not a concern.  You can go out drinking every night of the weekend, eat fast food, and skip the gym more than you go.  It doesn’t matter; youth allows you to get away with a lot of things.

I’ll be the first to admit, if I would have broken my back and injured myself 5 years later than I did, I think the outcome would’ve been completely different.  I’d probably still be in a wheelchair.  Thank God it happened at age 20.

Like a good investment, your health pays dividends.

Like a good investment, it takes time to research and find what works and what doesn’t for your individual body.

And like an investment, it can easily get away on you if you are not continually adjusting and making sure it is on track.

Your health is something that dictates all activities, success, and enjoyment you will be able to obtain in your life.  If neglected at a young age, it becomes a game of catch up to get back to a reasonable level.

As the saying goes, “compound interest is the eight wonder of the world”.  What this means for those non-financial types is this: start early, as things grow over time to unprecedented levels.

That works in both directions for your health.  Start early in the gym and eating right, you will have a great body, resilience to injury and illness, and will overall be happier; and these results will be extended to later in life.

Start late (or don’t start at all), and it becomes harder to get ahead.  Your metabolism slows down.  It becomes harder to gain lean muscle mass.  Fat gain is far easier.  Flexibility and posture deteriorate at faster rates.

What all of this means is one simple thing: start now.  Don’t wait until tomorrow, because time is not on your side.  It is working against you just as it is in finances.

Money isn’t valuable.  Time is.  And your health is priceless.

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