The Best Blenders

I’ve written about juicing extensively on this site.  I have a juicing E-book being released soon.

Juicing gets all my love.  But, blending deserves a little lime light.

I’ve been unfair to blenders, and that will change now.  You should be both juicing and blending.  Juicing takes all the pulp out of your drinks, leaving you with very little fiber, but a very absorptive cocktail of vegetables and fruits: the nutrients go almost directly into your bloodstream.

Blending on the other hand includes a lot more pulp and fiber.  There are also some things that are almost impossible to juice.  Try juicing grapes, blueberries, blackberries, or anything of the berry family.  You’ll get next to nothing; masticating juicers will miss most of the juice and clog, centrifugal juicers will spit them out without extracting anything.

For this reason, I’m going to include the best blenders, along with my best juicers post

Under $100

This spot goes to the Ninja BL660.  Hands down.  Ninja has been doing some great things in the blender world, and I used a Ninja for many years.  Although it’s not what you’d if you’d spent a little more, this blender will do the trick for those that are budget conscious.

Under $300

Blendtec takes this one with their TB-621-25.  The classic videos of “will it blend” have been seen millions of times.  That doesn’t mean that the Blendtec is just a marketing ploy with all bark and no bite.  My friend uses this on a daily basis and has had it for over 2 years without an issue.  You’ll notice there is more metal than in the Ninja, and more metal in a machine that will continually be your workhorse for protein shakes and drinks is a good thing.

Best Overall

 If money is no object, get a Vitamix.  A name synonymous with blenders and quality, this is what the big boys use.  You won’t see food establishments using much else that Vitamixes, as they stand the test of time, and can be used on a minute by minute basis to make delicious smoothies that make their customers happy.  An investment that pays for itself.

The 7500 series sits atop my girlfriends countertop, and the thing is a beast.  I was taken aback while I watched it do it’s work.

The 1709 CIA Professional is more metal again.  You’d almost think they’d make the container metal and bulletproof while they’re at it.

There you have it, the best blenders to help you on your healthy protein shake and smoothie making journeys.

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