Meal Prep Sunday

One thing that can set you apart from the crowd is preparation.  We know that if you fail to prepare, then you are preparing to fail.  Making your meals and preparing for the week is no different.  Monday-Saturday are work days, and Sunday is a “rest day”. However, Sunday is just as important, if not more important than the whole week.  You will plan out your goals for the week, your plans of action, and your meals.

Simply by cooking your meals, you can free up so much free time that you would be astounded.  Think about how much time it takes to cook dinner if you are going from scratch; an hour perhaps?  That’s 6 or 7 hours out of your week in which you could be working on something (including your body).

People say that “I don’t have time for the gym” more times than I can count.  However, are they planning to be in the gym 6 or 7 days a week?  Are they pre-cooking their meals in order to free up precious time so that they can make it to the gym on a daily basis?  Most likely not.

In this article, I will include a little bit about my meal preparation, and how my Sunday is utilized for planning my course of attack for the week.

Sunday I won’t be nursing a hangover.  I know that this day is just as important as any to get everything I need accomplished.  Sunday is a slower paced day, but that doesn’t mean that nothing gets done.  Even though I may sleep in a little, I am likely up by 8:30 or 9am, and in the grocery store by 10 (gotta go early if you want the decent produce and veggies!).

I will generally purchase my normal grocery haul and head home to begin cooking right at 11am.  This includes decent sources of protein, vegetables (both for juicing and eating with meals), and, if I don’t have enough at home, sources of carbohydrates (quinoa, brown/wild rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes).

The cooking process usually takes about 2 hours, so block out a section in your day for this.  Turn on some music, and have some fun in the kitchen.  I quite enjoy this part of my week (even though I don’t have time to do it more than once.

I will prep a week’s worth of food, and freeze half in large plastic containers.  Chicken (and most protein) generally keeps good for three days after cooking, and the carbs will stay good around the same.  This means that in my fridge, I will have 3 days worth of food at one time, and in my freezer, another 3 days.

I will also juice fruits and vegetables for the whole week and store them in air-tight mason jars.  5 juices go in the freezer, one gets drank on the spot, and the last goes in the fridge for breakfast tomorrow.

As I use my juicer, My protein is cooking in the oven, and on the stovetop, my huge pots of whatever carbohydrate I want are boiling.  I may sautee some vegetables (mushrooms, kale, cabbage) in a pan for the carbs to give them a punch of great flavour.  (Onions are killer in quinoa).

I have it down to a science at this point, and have shaved off quite a bit of time.  The rest of my Sunday is spent getting ready for the week.

It’s not easy to be healthy, but by preparing your meals for the week on Sunday, you have no excuses.  You will always have food in your home.  You will not have to run out to grab fast food, you will be ready to have meals for lunches at work.  Life is a lot less stressful when you prepare to this degree.

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