The Highest Zinc Foods

Zinc is an essential precursor for testosterone production in the body. In our article about dropping testosterone levels in men, we stated that some natural supplementation and consumption of certain vitamins can help to bring these levels back up naturally.  As such, this article will focus on zinc rich foods, and the 5 best sources without having to supplement.

We do recommend supplementing with up to 100 mg per day of zinc as well, if you want full effects.  One thing to note about zinc supplements is that you MUST eat after taking them, as they will make you severely nauseous and you very likely will vomit if you do not consume food with them. 

Without further ado, lets get to the list of natural providers of the nutrient!



Popeye wasn’t kidding when he prescribed this miracle vegetable for his huge forearms and strength.  Spinach is loaded with many other micro nutrients besides zinc, and you get a all around winner with this green leaf.  Not only is it packed with nutrients, spinach is extremely versatile, and able to be consumed in salads, juiced, cooked, included in omelettes, and thrown in the blender with protein shakes to provide that extra kick (you won’t really taste it).  Our first plant-based zinc provider!



Pork gets a bad rep as being one of the fattier meats on the market.  However, choosing a lean pork roast or loin will provide you with a delicious alternative to chicken or turkey.  Relatively high in zinc as well, this meat shouldn’t be totally discounted for it’s fatty bacon and ham brothers.



 All different variations of mushrooms offer a good amount of zinc, so you can go wild with your choices knowing that you are getting your intake.  Like spinach, mushrooms are super versatile, and able to be cooked into many dishes, eaten as a side, or topped onto salads, pizzas, pastas and more.  Versatility allows for no excuses in your zinc intake!



Look no further (besides our last recommendation) than beef for your zinc needs.  The meat on a ounce for ounce basis contains more zinc than most other foods, as well as creatine and many other micronutrients.  Some people totally discredit beef for their general consumption, but we wouldn’t count it out when it comes to zinc intake. 

Oysters and Seafood


Zinc seems to be ever present in the oceans and seas of the world.  Many sea creatures are exceptionally high in zinc; crab, lobster, shrimp, and many fish to name a few.  However, there is one king to rule them all, and that is the oyster.  Higher than any other food on this list in zinc, oysters take the absolute crown when you are looking to get your mg’s of zinc in on a daily basis.  Per 100 grams, the highest food on this list is around 7mgs of zinc.  Oysters offer between 20 and 150 mgs per 100 grams depending on the species.  Amazing!

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Until next time!

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