The Best Overall Juicer

My personal juicer is an Omega juicer.

After making juice in all forms of juicers and blenders I have come to the conclusion that the best juicer for most jobs is the Omega line-up.  Specifically, the J series.

I use an Omega J8006 on a weekly basis, and I never see myself going to any other line, or back to one of the centrifugal juicers I used to use.

Slow juicing and using the masticating juicers is fast becoming the most pleasuable way to juice, and it creates a larger yield of juice at the end of the day. Think of “mastication” with regards to chewing in the human mouth; these juicers do something very similar with an auger. Unlike the centrifugal juicers I used to use, Omega juicers are much slower (think 70-80 revolutions per minute as opposed to 1000’s in centrifugal juicers).

You will notice almost immediately after your first sip of “slow juice” that there is a certain “freshness”.  Because less air can enter the mixture in a slower juicer, the juice will be more vegetable, and less oxygen. Because you are getting more juice and less oxidation, you will taste the difference (it’s a good difference). A centrifugal juicer makes thousands of cuts in the produce,and this creates a large surface area for oxygen to attack.

One thing you’ll notice about the J line up is that they are “backwards” in that the juice comes out closer to the machine, and the pulp is ejected via the end chute.  This confused me the first time and will likely startle you as well


Because of the slower motion, the produce (and especially leafier produce) is squeezed slowly, so every drop is pulled.  By the time you reach the end and the pulp has been ejected, you will notice it is almost 100% dry.  Run your fingers through it, you’ll be amazed at how much of the liquid has been removed.

These juicers are also very easy to clean, and take only a couple minutes.  After doing a whole weekly batch of juice, a couple minutes feels like nothing, and you only have to do it once a week.

There are a couple other Omegas in the line-up besides the J8006, and those are the VRT350 (which is an excellent juicer that my friend has, just more vertical, which takes up less counter space).  Both this and the J8006 are excellent juicers that you cannot go wrong with.

The J8006 is expensive, and that’s why in my previous article on introductory juicers I don’t mention it.  It’s more important to build the habit of juicing than it is to have the most expensive juicer right off the bat.  

Buy cheap first, just like I didn’t get started editing video or audio on a Mac Pro, I used a cheaper laptop that continually had to be upgraded.  I didn’t start recording my podcasts on an expensive condenser mic, I started with an old mic from my grade 8 rock band.

After you fall in love with something though, I would recommend getting the best in the business.  Because it starts to make you better.  A more expensive juicer makes your budgeting over time better as well, due to much higher juice yields (less fruits and veggies are wasted).

(They don’t know what they’re talking about besides the yield, masticating juicers are much easier to clean.)

That means that I can juice less leafy greens for the same amount of juice in my cup at the end of the day.  This saves me cash at the supermarket every week. If you are any good at investing, a better juicer that extracts more juice pays for itself at a point, after that, it’s pure profit.  Your juicer saves you money.

In this article Mike actually states you can probably save thousands of dollars over the life of a juicer: There is extended 15 year warranty, and that is unheard of in this day and age.

The Omega J8003 and Omega J8005 can also be considered, but you will lose 5 years on the extended warranty.
Either way, Omega makes some of the best juicers on the planet, and once you are serious about juicing your produce, you will want one to save you money every week at the grocery store.  And that’s a good investment.

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