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We cover the best supplements, books, programs, and more to help you achieve your goals quickly and safely.


23andme is one of those companies that could not have existed more than a decade ago.  Their ability to genetically test a sample you send them is exceptionally cool.  Not only that, but you are able to find out your ancestry and predispositions for disease, in order to better your overall health and longevity. I did a review here

Quest Nutrition

The best protein bars and nutritional snacks on the market, Quest offers a wide range of food supplements that we swear by.  Not only do they pack over 25g of protein in a bar, but the fibre content is out of this world too.  A great snack for travel and busy people, we swear by these.


Many protein suppliers have been getting heat in the media for containing heavy metals, undesirable components, and low protein claims.  This company is not one of them.  Great quality and available in dozens of countries.

Blentec Blenders

Along with Vitamix, Blentec has been creating some of the world’s most durable high end blenders on the market today.  Their “Will it Blend” videos are testament to the standard of quality.


Doctor created meal plans for healthy living.  Many smaller programs exist in municipalities all over the world, these guys are USA wide.

Muscle and Strength

One of the largest supplement shops out there, and you have most likely stumbled upon one of their magazines at some point.  Excellent customer service, prices, free samples on every order, and a 60 day return policy.

Bulletproof Coffee

Raved about nationally and by many athletes and executives, Bulletproof and their coffee have taken the nation by storm.  By rethinking how you drink everyone’s favourite pick-me-up, Bulletproof created a better metabolized and digested coffee.  If you’ve never put butter in your coffee, you’re missing out.

Daily Burn

A great way for new fitness enthusiasts to get started, Daily Burn allows you to exercise in front of your television and on-the-go.  New workouts every day,  and a variety that can’t be beat.  Have fun while you exercise!


Talk to a doctor, anytime, anywhere.  As a person that is putting health first in your life, this resource can help you to make important decisions, or get second opinions on your health, fitness, and overall well-being.  An excellent way to pursue prevention and longevity.