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The Health Terminal was started in 2015 as a way of bringing the fitness, healthcare, nutrition, and supplement world together for greater good.  The fitness industry has for far too long been an industry built on narcissism and flat out lying.  We wanted a place where people could go that included trusted and transparent information.  We are not here to sell you anything, we are here to help you get better. That’s what health is all about; a focus on feeling better, breathing better, and living better each and every day.

I created the community as an extension of myself.  In 2013, I experienced a catastrophic injury which paralyzed me from the waist down.  Fitness saved my life, and gave me the ability to walk again.  I am forever indebted to the fitness and healthcare world, and ever since then, I wanted to help people better themselves.  I realized in an instant that health is truly all we have.  If you have your health, you are unstoppable.  Too many people sacrifice this vital part of life, and I’m here to tell you you can have it all.  Make the time to live better, and your life will be better.

I am the proof that nothing is impossible if you work hard, dream big, and push yourself every day.  You can achieve that body, run that marathon, and lift that weight; it all starts with a dream and the desire to find your greatness.

– Josh Blais, founder and fitness enthusiast

Josh in December 2013
Josh in 2016

The Best of the Best

“Nothing is impossible if you are willing to work for your dream”

Josh Blais